Major Maintenance Kit SV40B ATEX 2/3, DS

Major Maintenance Kit SV40B ATEX 2/3, DS

Part number: EK9603BA1
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Major Maintenance Kit SV40B ATEX 2/3, DS

Parts of air or vacuum pumps

Contains mainly:

  • 1 x Exhaust filter
  • 1 x Set of 3 vanes
  • 1 x Set of FKM seals
  • 1 x Valve plate
  • 1 x Valve stop
  • 2 x Race bushings
  • 1 x Oil sight glass
  • 1 x Float valve
  • As well as several small parts

Oil filter need to be ordered separately.

Spare parts for pumps which are certified according to directive 2014/34/EU ATEX must be built in by personnel trained on SOGEVAC ATEX products and registered by the manufacturer. If this guideline is disregarded the product is no longer certified in the context of the ATEX directive. Further on Leybold waives all responsibilities for the product and all related liabilities.

The repair or maintenance of ATEX vacuum pumps and components must be done in accordance with the standard from standard EN60079-19 governing the maintenance and repair of ATEX equipment.

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