PHOENIX Type: Vario
Partial Flow: None
Voltage: EU (230 V / 50 Hz)
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Backing Pump:


Leak Detection To-Go

The various pre-designed combinations offer the perfect choice for your needs: All PHOENIX cart versions come fully assembled and leak-checked to offer a time-saving, ready-to-go solution. With this, the PHOENIX carts guarantee best performance from the minute you turn it on. Plug in and ready to start:

  • Fully assembled, leak checked, CE proven and performance tested to offer a safe and convenient plug-and-play solution

  • For leak detection in rough environments from atmosphere on, the partial flow system helps to find leaks immediately and in the worst conditions

  • For ultimate clean applications, dry pumps with different pumping speeds offer the best safety and performance for your process

  • Strong and convenient design for an extra long life

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