NEO D 40

Part number: 970300V
Flange: DN 40 ISO-KF
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Noise level: 57 dB(A)
Oil volume: 3 l
Rated pumping speed: 47 / 56 m3/h
Ultimate pressure with gas ballast:
< 1 x 10-1 mbar
Ultimate pressure without gas ballast:
< 8 x 10-3 mbar
Water vapor tolerance: 10 mbar
Weight: 92 kg
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NEO D 40

The new generation of two stage vacuum pumps. Triple-hitting vacuum technology for a clean, quiet and long-running performance.

Pairing health and safety with efficient processes is a vital need for any workplace, from research labs to industrial manufacturers. When processes rely on continuous vacuum, choosing the right components becomes all the more essential. Reliable, high-performance vacuum technology not only gets the job done, but also contributes to a better work environment with less noise and fewer emissions. The result is greater well-being and peace of mind – for higher employee productivity and precision in demanding applications.
When it comes to these universal challenges, the new NEO D rotary vane vacuum pump offers a bundle of advantages. But most of all, it is cleaner, quieter and virtually maintenance-free.

Because good things come in threes!


Quieter performance by design

Quieter performance by designOur designers and engineers went to great lengths to improve the acoustic properties of the rotary vane vacuum pump. And they delivered: the NEO D sets a new benchmark in perceived noise levels and sound quality. It is 3 dB(A) quieter than competitors’ products on average – for quality that you cannot hear.

Cleaner technology

Cleaner technologyThe NEO D features a top-quality exhaust filter inside the oil casing. Built-in filtration reduces the required integration volume of the pump and ensures a clean environment without oil smoke or loss while pumping down. The result is far less oil loss compared to competitors’ pumps without exhaust filtration – up to 100 times less! This innovative design also makes the NEO D incredibly compact.

Longer running – maintenance-free for up to 3 years

Longer running – maintenance-free for up to 3 yearsThanks to cutting-edge shaft seal technology designed exclusively for Leybold, combined with long-life hydrocarbon oils, the NEO D is built for maximal uptime. The new generation of vacuum pumps permits maintenance-free operation for up to three years in clean applications. “Fit it and forget it” for a new level of performance and convenience.


The new revolution in medium vacuum – ideal for all medium vacuum applications

Reliable vacuum is indispensable to numerous applications across a variety of industries. The NEO D can operate continuously at any inlet pressure and features the same sturdy industrial design as other members of the SOGEVAC series. The latest generation of rotary vane vacuum pumps is suitable for all two-stage pump applications.

Selected applications


In analytical instruments like mass spectrometers, the vacuum pump is an essential component for reliable operation.
NEO D advantages:

  • Eliminates noise enclosures
  • Flexible interfaces for remote control
  • Pumping speeds from 16 to 80 m3/h with 180 … 264 V; 50 & 60 Hz 1-phase power supply
  • No external exhaust filter required
  • Up to 3 years of maintenance-free operation!

Glove boxes

In glove boxes, the vacuum pump is an indispensable component that provides reliable vacuum to evacuate the load lock.
NEO D advantages:

  • Silent, user-friendly pump
  • Pumping speeds from 16 to 80 m3/h with 180 … 264 V; 50 & 60 Hz 1-phase power supply
  • No external exhaust filter required
  • Up to 3 years of maintenance-free operation!


In sterilization, vacuum pumps are critical components that are exposed to harsh conditions such as high quantities of water vapor, residual H2 O2 or ethylene oxide.
NEO D advantages:

  • Silent, user-friendly pump
  • Pumping speeds from 16 to 80 m3/h with 180 … 264 V; 50 & 60 Hz 1-phase power supply or a wide range of 3-phase motors
  • No external exhaust filter required


Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications require reliable fore-vacuum generation for turbomolecular pumps. To avoid disturbing sensitive measurements, noise and vibrations must be kept to an absolute minimum.
NEO D advantages:

  • Extremely quiet and easy to operate
  • Sufficient ultimate pressure for UHV performance
  • No external exhaust filter required
  • Up to 3 years of maintenance-free operation!
  • ATEX in Cat 2 or 3 variants available

Heat treatment & plasma processes

In heat treatment furnaces and plasma processes, vacuum pump technology needs to perform reliably while exposed to difficult processes.
NEO D advantages:

  • Rugged industrial design with oil filter
  • No external exhaust filter required
  • Different oil types available depending on process!


Performance-boosting accessories for pump monitoring and control

Would you like to benefit from pump control options and receive access to predictive maintenance data? We offer a frequency converter (FC) driven version of the NEO D in all four pump sizes.

Frequency converter drive (optional):

Black box FC drive enables

  • Speed control
  • Monitoring (RS485 interface)
  • Constant pumping speed independent of mains frequency
  • Soft start w/o inrush current
  • Even lower noise and vibration levels than a 1-phase motor
  • 1-phase power supply 180 … 264 V at 50 & 60 Hz, for all pump sizes!

Pump failure indicator (optional):

Do you need to keep an eye on the status of your pump, even when you are not on site? Our pump failure indicator enables remote monitoring:

  1. Oil level
    Indicates a too low oil level
  2. Oil temp
    Indicates overheating
  3. Exhaust filter condition (back-pressure)
    Indicates that the exhaust filter needs to be changed

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